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​​​Role of chambers of commerce and industry​​ : 

The chambers of commerce and industry in the world have emerged as service institutions aimed at a kind of commercial solidarity among businessmen; business people in cities and counties are keen to set up such institutions to organize their business sectors and safeguard their interests. In general, the following services are achieved: the introduction of plans and commercial opportunities for the benefit of its staff, communication with the authorities to discuss the interests of work and trade, the creation of a national economy, and the contribution to the sustainable development of its society.​

In addition, the Chamber has significant and tangible roles in resolving the commercial dispute among the members; its interest in its members, providing them with the information they need to perform their work and clarifying the correct bases for their transactions; advising them on creating some kind of integration among them, At the same time - a saving in working capital, in addition to adopting the issues of its members​​ involved in the exercise of their activities and contribute in finding appropriate solutions to them.

All of the functions carried out by the Chambers of Commerce, which, if it is able to perform this role and made the interest of its members in various activities; they thus contribute to the revitalization of economic activity and thus to improve the performance and quality of the national economy; and to achieve the desired objectives of the establishment. The concept of Chambers has evolved in today's world and contributes to the service of society and the development of its economic and financial activities in particular.

History and Development of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Kingdom:

One of the most important features of the economic reform of King Abdul Aziz Al Saud was the encouragement of the commercial movement and the organization of economic activity at the internal and external levels. The impact of this was the establishment of the Trade Council, which was established in 1345 AH. And the subsequent additions to the system of this Council, and then the subsequent establishment of the Chamber of Commerce in Jeddah in 1365 AH. Corresponding to 1945, the first chambers of commerce in the Kingdom. The system of its establishment was published in 15 Safar 1365 AH corresponding to 18 January 1946. Jeddah is one of the most important ports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its proximity to Mecca and the important location of Jeddah on the Red Sea, which reaches the Suez Canal. And then made contacts with the merchants of Mecca; to establish an industrial chamber of commerce there, was done in 1366 AH, and then established a union between the rooms of Mecca and Jeddah. In 1369 AH, the Royal Decree was issued establishing the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Kingdom. Then issued the royal order, number 140806 establishment of "Chamber of Commerce and Industry Eastern Region" and began its work on 3 Shawwal 1372 AH. On 23 Ramadan 1372 AH, the Shura Council issued a resolution No. 79, which includes the addition of new articles defining the activities of the Chambers of Commerce and the organization of its specialties and fields of work.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh was established on the basis of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (239) dated 10 Jumada Al-Akhirah 1381 AH, and then the establishment of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in a number of cities in the Kingdom. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Medina was established in 1387 AH; Taif in 1398 AH; Al-Qassim in 1398 AH; Al-Ahsa in 1401 AH; Hail in 1402 AH; Al-Jouf in 1405 AH and Al-Qurayyat in 1408 AH; On the basis of a study conducted by the Ministry of Commerce to prepare a draft system for the commercial and industrial chambers, in line with the commercial and industrial renaissance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , Which requires that the mentioned chambers have an effective role to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the development plans in the Kingdom, after it was found that the system of Chambers of Commerce and Industry amended by the Supreme Order No. 2829 dated 13/8/1368H is not in line with the above mentioned objectives. Historical historical system, that age For commercial and industrial chambers in the Kingdom, more than seventy years, gave it extensive experience and support in the areas of organization and management of commercial and industrial activities in the Kingdom.